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Electrão Quarter


Electrão Quarter is back with more awards and new partners, but the same goal:

Help our Firefighters and the Environment!

This year, Corpo Nacional de Escutas join to Electrão Quarter to take the message even further and help the Fire Department in its mission to collect as much waste as possible.


From 1 December to 30 April 2019, all types of electrical equipment, batteries and light bulbs may be delivered to the Volunteer Firefighters Corporation in your area. Equipment such as washing machines, toasters, microwaves, computers, mobile phones or power drills are covered.

The Corporation that collects the most waste will receive an ambulance to transport patients!


How to join to Electrão Network?

What are the advantages of the quarters belong to Electrão Network?

  • All the equipment and used batteries they collect count!
    A bonus is granted for each tonne of
    waste (€ / tonne)!
  • At the end of the campaign we have a prize for the quarters
    what more to gather!
  • To schedule a collection just contact
    to the email

of collection

From 1 December 2018 to 30 April 2019


Absolute Premiums

Batteries Premium

Lamps Premium

Campaign Posters

More informations

See examples here

For more information on how to get involved, check out the campaigns areas

or contact us via email





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