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WE ARE CHANGING… to Electrão Associação de Gestão de Resíduos

Amb3E has renewed its image and now comes up with a new name, Electrão Associação de Gestão de Resíduos, a change that emerged at a time when it expanded its intervention, currently managing electrical equipment, batteries and accumulators and packaging. Along with the image, the association launched a new institutional website (, more complete and intuitive.

According to Pedro Nazareth, General Director of Electrão, the

“It has changed because the country has also changed. There is a growing environmental awareness and there is growing confidence in the recycling system. Together with our partners, we will contribute to the achievement of the goals set for the country, increasingly mobilizing the citizen and institutions to separate and deposit their waste correctly.”

Another of the novelties is the creation of the subsidiary Electrão – Recolha e Reutilização, a management tool that reinforces the area of operation of the association and contributes to increase the effectiveness and confidence in recycling in Portugal.

Electrão is the only national entity that, in the area of extended producer responsibility, manages the three waste streams, in the consolidation of an effort that intends to contribute to serve increasingly and better the more than 1,750 associated companies.

Since 2005, Electrão has been operating in the area of waste management of electrical and electronic equipment, with 3,500 collection sites throughout the country. In 13 years of activity, collected and sent for treatment and recovery more than 430 thousand tons of this waste.

The commitment is to “trust to recycle” so that, together with the adhering entities and operational partners, we can continue to promote the transformation of Portuguese habits, circular economy and environmental sustainability.

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