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Electrão has been gaining prominence in the management of used packaging, an activity we have been carrying out since 2018. In addition to being part of the national collection and recycling system, we have contributed by raising awareness for a more conscious consumption of these products and for citizens to make each package circular at the end of its life.

This is the best known and the most present waste stream in the daily life of every citizen, but, especially plastic, ends up causing major environmental problems. Our work has been increasingly focused on raising awareness of the need to change packaging consumption patterns and the need to dispose of this waste in the right places. To this end, we promote communication, collection and recovery projects for used packaging such as TransforMAR or “Mafra Reciclar a Valer +”.


In 2021
we took back

54 468

of used packaging

Each Portuguese delivered, on average:

5 kg
per capita

The packages taken back are
equivalent to approximately

21 320

tonnes of

13 131

tonnes of

16 427

of plastic



3 040

tonnes of
metal packaging
(aluminium and steel)

Packaging waste was sent for treatment and recycling, resulting in


Global packaging

and Recycling

After being separated by material category, the packages are taken back and sent to reclaimers and/or recyclers. The packaging recycling processes make it possible to recover materials that will be used as raw materials.

The collection and treatment of this waste made it possible to avoid the emission of

Equivalent to 73 027 tonnes of CO2 *

* The allocation of the quantity of waste and the carbon equivalent were estimated by direct application of the quantities collected

This action corresponds
to the planting of



Relationship with member companies

The dedication we place in the management of the Packaging Waste Management System is part of the commitment we have assumed with our Packers, who continue to trust Electrão to treat the packaging they place on the market. 2021 therefore continued to be a year of strengthening the relationship with our member companies.


Member companies

Have transfered to Electrão the responsibility for the management of the packaging they place on the market

In 2021

these producers placed
on the market

89 780
tonnes of packaging

9 kg
per capita 

Audits and technical
verifications carried out

Compliance with all environmental regulations is very important for Electrão, which has accompanied the work of partners – municipal systems and retakers.


Audits and technical
checks performed

to packers, reclaimers/recyclers,

urban waste management systems

and member companies

 Packaging collection
and recycling
system operation

Electrão’s Packaging Management System is based on the principle of extended producer responsibility and on the transfer of EPR fee to support the costs of treating the waste generated from the packages that each one of them places on the market. Find out how our system works and the costs associated with each of its management items.

Packaging management
in 2020 and 2021

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