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Electrical Equipment

Electrão is the waste management entity with the largest market share in the management of e-waste. We work daily to increase the number of collection points and to get closer to the Portuguese people, so that it becomes more and more convenient to send waste for recycling.

We are proud to continue to be the waste management entity in which producers of electrical equipment and the Portuguese people have the greatest trust. And we pride ourselves on finding solutions to all the challenges that the market presents. In 2021, we got closer to the citizens with the innovative project for the collection of electrical appliances at home and, with WEEE Follow, we fostered the need to create a national project for the monitoring of e-waste in order to fight the parallel market.


Collecting e-waste handed in by the citizens is the first step towards ensuring that the waste is correctly recycled.

2021 was another year in which we kept our mission to collect more and better. And, once again, we surpassed the collection records.

In 2021
the Electrão network ensured the collection of

17 083

tonnes of e-waste

Each Portuguese delivered, on average,
at the Electrão´s collection points:

1,7 kg
per capita

The electrical equipment collected
is approximately equivalent to

10 215

tonnes of

6 488

tonnes of


tonnes of

and Recycling

After collection, the electrical equipment is sent to specialised centers and treated by category. At these sites, the equipment is correctly de-polluted and dismantled using procedures that ensure that all the hazardous substances are safely removed and that all the materials that can be recycled are recovered.

After this process, the hazardous substances are sent for disposal and the materials that can be used are sent for recycling. These materials are transformed into raw materials so that they can later be incorporated into new products. The elements that do not have the potential to be recycled and transformed into raw material are subject to recovery operations, where they are processed in incineration systems to produce electricity.

From the equipment
we collected,


Were recycled


Were recovered

Recycling and recovering rates by electrical equipment category

Temperature exchange

81% Recycling Rate | 91% Recovery Rate

Screens and monitors

58% Recycling Rate | 60% Recovery Rate


83% Recycling Rate | 86% Recovery Rate


86% Recycling Rate | 95% Recovery Rate


79% Recycling Rate | 93% Recovery Rate

IT and telecommunications

72% Recycling Rate | 80% Recovery Rate

The treatment of electrical equipment allows us to separe the hazardous substances and recycle materials that will be used as raw materials.

Hazardous Substances
for disposal or recovery

Oils, electrolytic capacitors, liquid crystal displays, fluorinated gases, cathode ray tubes, flame retardant plastics, batteries, mercury, phosphorus powder, components containing radioactive substances







The collection and treatment of this waste made it possible to avoid the emission of

Equivalent to 141 012 tonnes of CO2 *

*The allocation of the quantity of waste and the carbon equivalent were estimated by direct application of the quantities collected

This action would correspond
to the plantation of



Electrão Network

These results were only possible because we continued to work to be closer to the population, by extending our collection network. In addition to awareness-raising and collection campaigns such as Quartel Electrão or Escola Electrão, we have started the pilot project Porta-a-Porta for door-to-door collection of used electronical appliances in Lisbon. Our network of collection points is also increasing and is distributed all over the country.

6 810


collection sites

Shopping Centers

Fire Stations

Urban Waste Management Systems



Reception Centers




for transport, sorting

and treatment of e-waste

Logistics Operators

Treatment Operators

Relationship with member companies

The dedication we place in the management of the Electrão network, and in the collection of e-waste, is part of the commitment we have assumed with our Member Producers, who continue to place their trust in Electrão to treat the equipment they place on the market. 2021 continued to be a year of strengthening the relationship with our Members and also a year of growth in the electrical equipment market.

1 365

member companies

Transfered to Electrão the responsibility for the management of electrical equipment placed on the market

In 2021

These producers reported placing
on the market a total of

138 567
tonnes of electrical

13 kg
per capita 

Audits and technical
verifications carried out

Compliance with all environmental regulations is very important for Electrão, which accompanied the work of partners – collection sites, collection centers and logistics operators


Audits and technical audits

performed on

producers and member companies

Electrical equipment
collection and recycling
system operation

Electrão’s Electrical Equipment Management System is based on the principle of extended producer responsibility and the transfer of EPR fee to support the costs of treating the waste generated from the products that each of these producers places on the market. Find out how our system works and the costs associated with each of its management items.

The management of electrical equipment
in 2020 and 2021

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