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The management of used batteries is a very important area for Electrão. Over the years, we have recorded an increase in the quantities collected and sent for treatment through the collection network that is growing every day and the awareness that we raise so that citizens hand in their used batteries at the nearest Electrão collection point.

In 2021, we launched a new version of which allows citizens to find, more easily and quickly, through filters, the nearest places to deliver their used batteries.


Collecting the used batteries handed in by the Portuguese is the first step towards ensuring that this waste is correctly recycled.

In 2021
the Electrão network ensured the collection of


tonnes of batteries

68 g per capita


tonnes of portable


of industrial batteries

and Recycling

After collection, the batteries are sent to specialised centres and treated according to their type. In these centres, all procedures to ensure that toxic components are removed correctly and safely are guaranteed.

The recycling rates by typology of batteries

Nickel-cadmium Batteries

84% Recycling rate

Lead-acid batteries

77% Recycling rate

Other batteries

95% Recycling rate

The treatment of batteries allow us to separe the hazardous substances and recycle materials that will be used as raw materials.

Hazardous Substances
for disposal or recovery

Mercury, lead, cadmium and minerals





The collection and treatment of this waste made it possible to avoid the emission equivalent to

Equivalent 114 tonnes of CO2*

*The allocation of the quantity of waste and the carbon equivalent were estimated by direct application of the quantities collected

This action would correspond
to the plantation of



Electrão Network

These results were possible because we continued to work to be ever closer to the citizen by improved our collection network and containers of used batteries. Electrão Points are distributed throughout the country.

5 553

Used batteries

collection sites

Shopping Centres

Fire Stations

Urban Waste Management Systems



Reception Centers



for transport,

sorting and treatment

of used batteries

Logistics Operators

Treatment Operators

Relationship with member companies

The dedication we place in the Electrão network management, and in the collection of used batteries, is part of the commitment we have assumed with our member companies, who continue to place their trust in Electrão to treat the batteries they place on the market. 2021 continued to be a year of strengthening the relationship with our Members and also a year of growth in the batteries market.


member companies

Have transferred to Electrão the responsibility for the management of batteries placed on the market

In 2021

These producers reported placing
on the market a total of

1 766
of batteries

171 g
per capita 

Audits and technical
verifications carried out

Compliance with all environmental regulations is very important for Electrão, which has accompanied the work of partners – collection sites and logistics operators.


Audits and technical checks performed

on producers and member companies

Batteries collection
and recycling system operation

The Batteries Management System is based on the principle of extended producer responsibility and on the transfer of an Visible fee to support the costs of treating the waste generated from the products that each of these producers places on the market. Find out how our system works and the costs associated with each of its management items.

The management of batteries
in 2020 and 2021

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