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Electrão will continue to track
used electrical equipment

Electrão has put GPS in some used electrical equipment to track them and found that three out of four are diverted to the parallel market. This was one of the major conclusions of the WEEE Follow project, which Electrão promoted in 2021 and will continue to develop in 2022.   

Seventy-five percent of the used electrical equipment left by citizens on public streets for later collection by the municipal services does not reach 

the treatment units and ends up being sold as scrap without the correct decontamination.

The results achieved in WEEE Follow have inspired a project that has been extended to the other managing entities and is being promoted on a national scale in 2022. This project aims to combat the problem of the parallel market, which makes it difficult to achieve the recycling targets that Portugal is obliged to meet.

Door-to-door collection of
electrical appliances is here to stay

In 2021, Electrão started with Porta-a-Porta, the door-to-door collection of large household appliances, in an unprecedented project that it promoted hand in hand with Lisbon City Council and that will continue in 2022. The model is here to stay and may even be implemented on a permanent basis and replicated to other cities, if the will exists.

This service is complementary to the 7 389 collection points in the network that Electrão intends to continue increasing. It is a response that guarantees more convenience for citizens, contributes to the fulfilment of the demanding targets set and, at the same time, 

continues the fight against the parallel market, which prevents many of these used appliances from being correctly recycled.

This pilot project started in three parishes of Lisbon, but by the end of the year it had already expanded to 13 parishes of the municipality. From July to December, 25.7 tonnes of used electrical equipment were collected and sent for recycling, within the scope of this project alone. In 2022, Electrão expects to surpass the results achieved in the previous year.

New challenges bring
new opportunities

In 2021, the decree-law partially transposing the 2019 European directive on reducing the impact of single-use plastic products and products made of oxodegradable plastic was approved. 

As a result of this measure, new Extended Producer Responsibility schemes will need to be set up to ensure that very 

specific materials are managed and correctly sent for recycling.

Electrão, as a multi-flow management entity, is committed to helping build the responses that the sector needs in the coming years, while reinforcing the actions needed within the flows that are currently already managed by the Association.

2022: The conclusion
of a licensing cycle

The licenses for the management of integrated systems for packaging, batteries and used electrical equipment have been extended by the Ministry until 31 December 2022, when another licensing cycle will end.   

This was a period of numerous challenges and many advances, especially with regard to the competitive regime in the packaging flow, which contributed to better collection and recycling results.

These licences, granted for a period of five years, can be extended for one year, but this timeframe is too short to cope with the ambition of the collection targets and respective investment plans. This will be an issue to put on the agenda of the next legislature.

Electrão wants to continue working to achieve increasingly better results by contributing to the achievement of waste management targets at national and EU level.

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